Ancient Sites with Miguel Angel Vergara


These are the waterfalls at Mishol Ha. It was our first stop on the ten-day journey and was an opportunity to clear and cleanse ourselves, to begin to release from our busy lives. Afterward, we went deep into a cave under the falls. It was awesome!


We stood on this rock with Miguel Angel who lead us through a cleansing ceremony. It was cold and hard to breathe with the torrent of water falling on our heads. We became much warmer and relaxed with his words and came out feeling lighter having left our worries behind. 


We went behind the waterfall and up the cliff to a cave that was thigh-deep with water and dark once the flashlights were extinguished for the 'in the womb of Mother Earth' meditation. 

We spent two intensive days learning about the Mayan symbols that we would see especially at Yaxchilan and Palenque. We learnt about Pakal Votan, the Lord of the Mayans and also about Lady Zak-K'uk, his wife. We invoked the spirit of this Lord and Lady while we at Palenque, feeling their ancient spirit still among us.

The powerful temple/tomb of Pakal Votan.


Discussing my jade "sun" pendant purchased at the incredible jade museum in San Cristobal. The energy in the museum had us all flying like kites. 

This is the Temple of the Sun from the Palenque site. I was able to get a picture (see my Inspiration page)  of the sun glowing through the top part of the temple, even though it didn't look like the sun was shining in that direction.


Me and Josh hamming it up for the camera. The documentary camera that is. It followed us around and soon, a short documentary will be available on our experience. You can read more about it at


This is the Temple of the Earth at Palenque and my favorite temple. I could feel an ascension by stairs hidden behind the temple. 


Finally but in no way everything, this is Temple 33 at Yaxchilan where me and fellow travellers are listening to interesting facts from Miguel Angel.

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