Meditation and Ceremony


Find a comfortable spot and get cozy.  You may wish to lay down or sit in your favorite chair feet planted on the floor.  You may wish to have quiet music playing or none at all.


Love and Light

Take a deep breath in.  Exhale.  Close your eyes.  Place your focus on your heart.  Imagine it is glowing in the center of your chest.  It is bright white and its rays are radiating outwards embracing the focus of your thoughts. 

See yourself floating in space – with the stars - surrounded in the coolness of the dark hearing only the pulse of the Universe.  Look down upon Earth.  Mother Earth.  Allow yourself to feel the love you have for her.  See the light from your heart glowing stronger with that thought.  Project this light to Earth.  Your heart to hers. 

Move closer and send loving thoughts and light to regions that are in need of healing.  Send loving thoughts and light to your favorite places on this planet... feel the gratitude for having spent the time in the beauty of these places.   Move closer still, to your community, to your neighborhood, to your home; and in each moment project your loving thoughts. 


Think about all the creatures and plants and oceans and mountains and blades of grass.  Sit quietly with what images pop up and send loving thoughts and heart light to them all.


Focus on your family members and friends.  Send love and light to them individually.  Your heart to their hearts. 


Close the meditation with a deep breath in and out, visualizing your entire being embraced in light.  Slowly blink your eyes open…


Remember to breathe throughout the meditation.  You may find that your outbreath naturally becomes the energy that projects your love and light.


During this meditation it is perfectly fine for your thoughts to jump from one place or person or object in no particular order.  There is no order.  Only what works for you in that moment and time.  If you like toning, you may wish to open and close the mediation by chanting “Om” three times…

To Paul Edward Napora, author of "You Through Your Dreams" (Borealis Press) and "The Teachings of Oscar Camille, Vol.1&2" (Blue Dolphin Publishing).  Thank you for sharing this with me.

                                                                                                                            - Debi

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