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What to Expect

Your first appointment at Genesis Health and Acupuncture is a consultation and a treatment. It will take approximately 1.5 hours. You can discuss every aspect of your health issue(s) with Debi and Debi in turn, will discuss every aspect of your treatment with you. The cost for this is $95.00.

Debi's diagnostic assessment takes into account your present and past symptoms and complaints, family history, lifestyle, and psychology (thoughts, emotions and relationships) and involves observation of facial and tongue colour and physical palpation of the body and pulse.

Subsequent appointments are generally 1 hour to 1:15 minutes in length and will cost $80. The number of appointments depends on the treatment plan that is prepared specifically for you.

Illnesses may be identical but the persons suffering from them are different. The...emotions and the...excesses affecting people are not the same. Some people may be strong and others weak as far as their Qi or the condition of their body is concerned... . One's nature may be tough or soft, one's sinews and bones may be firm or brittle...there are patients who suffer in their heart from grief, and others who enjoy happiness. If one treats all those patients who appear to suffer from one identical illness with one and the same therapy, one may hit the nature of the illness, but one's approach may still be exactly contraindicated by the influences of Qi that determine the conditions of the individual patient's body... . [Practitioners] therefore must carefully take into account the differences among the people and only then decide whether the therapeutic pattern they employ suits...the individual constitution on the basis of the criteria mentioned above.

                        - Unpublished translation of text by Hsu-Ta-ch'un 

                          in 1757, translated by Paul Unschuld 


So much going on below the surface, so much reflected on it

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